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We strongly believe in the Value of Community as closely related to the Value of the Project.
Join our DAO and invest your passion on our Long-Term Project.


Our Invisioning.

Q2 - '22 | Project Ramp-Up

1) Idea & Project Setup
2) Minting Site Development
3) Open Social Channels

Q3 - '22 | Project Phoenix

1) Free Minting Collection
2) Alpha Group
3) Wired0Lab Incubator Launch
4) Automation Utility Development
5) Discord Mirror Bot Utility
6) Partnerships with others DAO

Q4 - '22 | Community Empowerment

1) Staking Experience Release
2) Raffle Platform
3) NFT Collection Community Driven Launch
4) New Utilities Development

Q1 - '23 | Project Touring

1) AR/VR Metaverse Experience
2) Strategy Consulting Agency Definition
3) Merchandise


Our Power Pack.

Futuristic artworks based on the wireframe technique capable of extracting the digital skeleton of the viewer's perceptions.
Noah First Era 1123 N0Degen Animals on Solana Beach | SOLD OUT.
Behind the art, we provide a set of tools both for B2B and B2C holder.

Discord Private Channels

Alpha Group

We provide powerful insight for all the levels of NFTs Investor, in order to have always the best overview how the market is going and for the best decision making process.


Discord Mirror Bot

Utilities are the tech backbone of the project, be an Holder means to have access to this incredible Utilities Power Pack.
We have developed a Discord Mirror Bot, the Killer Utility, with this bot we can mirror discord chat real time, opening several business cases to investigate.


Digital WorkForce

We want to optimize cost and time in the project development so we have developed support tools for NFT projects teams in order to avoid repetitive tasks and have more time for added value activities.

Startup and scale

Incubator Beta Program

Every Holder can list his project or idea or ask for help and scale their on going project and ask for our support

Skills Industrialization

NFT Distributed Consulting Services

Wired Frame wants to become a reference in the web3 world by providing professional consulting skills and create young professionals to deliver high quality services for everyone.


Other Services

we invest heavily in collaborations as they are the surest means of being able to grow the project quickly.

Dream Team

Author image Blockoin Founder & Developer
Author image IV Feanor Co-Founder & Artist
Author image Cucuchiu Social Media Manager & Mod
Author image Green Gloo Moderator | Community Manager
Author image Twix Community Manager | Alpha Caller

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