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It is time for a new adventure.
5000 Degen Gladiators on Aptos Blockchain.
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Our Invisioning.

1 | Project Ramp-Up

The first step start with the Idea & Project Setup until the collection launch. We will bring our Solana experience and community to our new Aptos stream.

2 | Alpha Call

We understand the NFT space moves quickly, so we have plans to provide holders with immediate benefits post-mint while we work towards developing more long-term benefits. We will focus on providing the best alpha to our holders. Wired alpha team will be providing information such as daily mints, secondary market calls, and NFT investing tips to all holders.

3 | Utilities Development

We love develop Blockchain oriented Utilities: Staking System, Raffle Platform, Discord Mirror Bot, Tracking Bot, Floor Bot and whatever the Community want.

4 | The Bridge

We want to bridge Aptos & Solana Communities to unlock real Powers.


Our Degen Gladiators.

Dream Team

Author image Blockoin Founder & Developer
Author image IV Feanor Co-Founder & Artist
Author image Cucuchiu Social Media Manager & Mod
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